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Come shop Heather's Haven apparel and your favorite products online!

Please note you will be directed to our online shopping page through vagaro. 

Allison Yeager is the owner of Goldie Links Permanent Jewelry. Allison saw one of the latest and most popular jewelry trends popping up across the country and had to have it. The problem was that she was unable to find a local company to provide this product and service. The only logical solution she saw was to start a business herself!

What is permanent jewelry?
Permanent jewelry is a dainty chain, (of your choosing) custom fitted to you, that is joined by a small jump ring and welded by a small spark (it doesn’t hurt), resulting in a clasp-less piece of jewelry that you can wear for weeks, months or even years with the appropriate chain care! It's popular to "stack and switch" for a weekly/monthly change up, much like a manicure!

Many get these permanent pieces as a symbol of their love to someone or to honor the permanent bond you share with your friends or family. It’s like a modern day friendship bracelet that requires no effort and matches everything!

Allison looks forward to meeting you and your loved ones to join the fun experience of choosing your own chain and having a piece of jewelry to admire for a long time!

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @GoldieLinks.Pa where she will post her availabilities on days she’s popping up here at the salon!

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